Our Work

Building on the UN2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, we work toward a future where values and the real needs of people and planet drive social and technological innovation. Innovation and impact are at the centre of TFP’s mission. Our work is driven by our core values and through our flagship initiatives, we enable meaningful and mindful innovation and future-oriented systems change across the world.

Call for Innovators for the Future

Seeking innovative social impact organisations with a systemic approach to making positive change for the future. »

Thought Leadership Events

Leading the global conversation about innovation, impact, and shared visions for the future. »


Fellowship Programme

A one-of-a-kind fellowship programme helping innovative, systems-minded changemakers to achieve greater impact. »

Impact and SDG Consulting

Consulting services for organisations committed to meaningful innovation, social impact and the SDGs. »

Our work is centred around innovation and impact…

By INNOVATION, we mean an approach to problem-solving that is systemic and holistic. Innovation means taking a novel approach to solving a problem that impacts the well-being of people and planet, be it technological, social, economic or other. Innovation is not necessarily disruptive; it can be gradual or build off of traditional knowledge.

IMPACT is always connected to the well-being of people, planet, and ecosystems, not just to profit or a new product on the market. Measuring impact requires accounting for both concrete and intangible benefits. Impact is about  how innovation affects societies and is evaluated in terms of values and alignment of needs and solutions.

…and is guided by TFP’s core values


Boundary-spanning: The Futures Project has a global vocation that emphasizes meaningful collaboration across borders, disciplines, generations, and sectors.


Holistic & Systemic: The Futures Project approach brings vision, reflection and action together, recognizing the complexity of the world around us.


Impact-oriented: We facilitate action that makes a difference in the real lives of people and planet.


Inclusive and diverse: We ground our work in a multitude of perspectives, providing space for out-of-the-box ideas and unfettered thinking