Dr. Stamm Gives Interview for OECD’s Government After Shock

“Technology is very helpful, but certainly it is not the solution for everything, it’s rather a tool, it needs to be used in a very reflected way. We always need to think about the context, the consequences… this changing perspective of technology is something that...

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Team Meeting in Berlin

The work of The Futures Projects is carried out by a group of committed team members and volunteers from all over the world. Our diversity in backgrounds and locations allows us to take a more holistic approach to the work we do, but it also presents challenges, such...

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Dr. Stamm publishes article with 1E9

Our founder and CEO has published a German article with 1E9, Warum wir jetzt entscheiden müssen, welche Zukunft wir nach der Krise wollen - Why we have to decide now, which futures we want after the crisis. "Auf die Corona-Krise muss reagiert werden. Jetzt! Doch dabei...

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