Dr. Stamm Gives Interview for OECD’s Government After Shock

3 September 2020

“Technology is very helpful, but certainly it is not the solution for everything, it’s rather a tool, it needs to be used in a very reflected way. We always need to think about the context, the consequences… this changing perspective of technology is something that hopefully we’ll keep and the previous version hopefully we leave behind.”


Julia Stamm, Founder and CEO of The Futures Project

Following the disruptive consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) has launched the Government After Shock initiative. The initiative aims to reflect on the Covid-19 pandemic shock across countries and to open a conversation about governance and public sector innovation in this new environment. Leading up to the main event in November, the organisation is conducting interviews with leaders and experts, to get their perspective on what the crisis could mean for governments.  

In one of this week’s episodes, our founder and CEO Julia Stamm shares her thoughts on the potential contributions of technological innovation to a post-Covid world. In line with the philosophy of The Futures Project, however, she emphasises the need to reflect and to see technology as a tool, not a goal in itself. Click here to access the full interview.

Dr. Julia Stamm and Jennifer Shirar publish article in Hindustan Times

02 August 2020

Our founder and CEO Julia Stamm and project assistant Jennifer Shirar have published an article in the Hindustan Times, analysing the applications we have received to our global Call to Action for Innovators for the Future. They write:

“We need to change how we think about technology and innovation. Rather than allowing technological advancement to steer our narratives, innovation and technology should help us build bridges between the worlds we inhabit now and the ones we imagine for tomorrow.”

We have seen this shift in thinking in our work over the past months and in the applications to our Call to Action. This article in the Hindustan Times analyses the trends we found while assessing applications, as a window into how innovators on the ground are working for change.

“Overall,” Julia and Jennifer write, “two trends are evident. First, the recognition that we, collectively, need to do things differently, and that this will take some serious analysis and imagination. Second, though local and regional priorities may differ, our problems are interconnected, globally. So, too, should our solutions be.”

Read the full article here.


Team Meeting in Berlin

15 July 2020

The work of The Futures Projects is carried out by a group of committed team members and volunteers from all over the world. Our diversity in backgrounds and locations allows us to take a more holistic approach to the work we do, but it also presents challenges, such as scheduling meetings across time zones and working remotely with our team. This week, we were happy to have our entire Germany-based team present in the office at Chaussee 36 in Berlin. We even had a brainstorming session with some of our volunteers who are based here and had a dinner on the roof terrace. We look forward to keep working with all of these talented people, either in person or at a distance.


Dr. Stamm publishes article with 1E9

4 June 2020

Our founder and CEO has published a German article with 1E9, Warum wir jetzt entscheiden müssen, welche Zukunft wir nach der Krise wollen – Why we have to decide now, which futures we want after the crisis.

“Auf die Corona-Krise muss reagiert werden. Jetzt! Doch dabei dürfen wir nicht aus den Augen verlieren, dass wir weiterdenken müssen als nur bis ans Ende der Pandemie, mahnt unsere Gastautorin Julia Stamm. Mit „The Futures Project“ hat sie eine Initiative gestartet, die ein ähnliches Ziel verfolgt wie 1E9: Visionen für eine gute Zukunft entwickeln – und dann die Umsetzung unterstützen. Gerade sucht sie in einem Call nach Innovationsprojekten. Auch ihr seid gefragt!”

Read the full article here.


Dr. Stamm, Founder and CEO of TFP, publishes an Op-ed on UN75 and #InnovatorsForTheFuture

29 May 2020

In her Op-Ed “UN@75 & the Future We Want”, Julia Stamm, Founder & CEO of the Futures Project, stated that with the current global pandemic, it is pertinent to tackle the current situation alongside addressing future challenges. “Responding to the urgent needs of the moment while keeping the futures we want in our field of vision requires us to be intentional and thoughtful about the choices we make now”, said Dr. Stamm. The Futures Project stands at the intersection for present and future conversation, propagating the ideology that problem solving in the present can only take place effectively keeping in mind the conception of what comprises a desirable future.

Dr. Stamm discussed the stark inequalities that the world has grown comfortable with, but which need to be tackled for the greater good of society. For example, practices such as social distancing that are critical to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 are practically impossible for those without stable housing, access to food and water, and a stable source of income.

The UN75 Global Conversation initiative in 2020 addresses precisely these critical questions about the future: What kind of future do we want to create? Are we on the right track? What do we need to bridge the gap? Although these questions may seem out of place given the state of the current crisis, it is imperative to remember that crisis response and future planning go hand-in-hand.

“Our commitment during this time is to serve as a steward of thinking and doing that helps us all keep the futures we want to inhabit, and the futures we hope future generations can inhabit, in our field of vision”, said Dr. Stamm. The Futures Project’s current initiative, Innovators for the Future, bridges reflection and action, thinking and doing, by building off of the aforementioned UN75 questions.

Read Dr. Julia Stamm’s article here.

TFP launches its first Global Call to Action #InnovatorsForTheFuture

29 May 2020

As the world is faced with an unprecedented crisis, the Futures Project is proud to announce its first Global Open Call to Action for Innovators for the Future. This Call to Action is organized by the Futures Project in contribution to the UN75 Global Conversation initiative: Shaping Our Future Together.

We are seeking innovative projects and initiatives that align with our focus areas of Life, Empowerment, and Society, and build on our motto: innovation is the future delivered. We are interested in projects that make positive and substantial impacts on communities by addressing the urgency of the moment and continuing these efforts in the future.

Our selection process will include several stages of evaluation, including expert review and a jury process. Our panel of experts and international jury consist of outstanding individuals from academia, business, politics, arts and civil society. With this expertise, the Futures Project will ultimately select projects that exhibit imminent power and potential to address the challenges in the present and change our futures for the better.

The top 75 projects will be recognized as part of the UN75 Global Conversation project. These will also be portrayed online in a widely shared digital yearbook. Next, the 15 semi-finalists will be invited to pitch their projects in front of this Jury at the Futures Project Flagship Conference in Munich in December 2020. Lastly, the top 5 projects will participate in a highly customised Social Impact Accelerator in Spring 202. This Accelerator program comprises individualised mentorship for a full year, launching their projects into the next phases of impact for the future.

The COVID-19 crisis exposes the vulnerabilities of our globalized societies, our economies, our ways of life. It calls for, more than ever, the need for collective action, shared knowledge, solidarity and creativity. To take part in this collective action, apply to the Call for Innovators initiative here.

Become a TFP Contributor! Invitation for submissions for students & recent graduates

 16 April 2020

We are very excited to share The Futures Project’s invitation for contributions to students and recent graduates around the world, who, despite these challenging times, want to contribute to discussions on the futures for humankind and the planet.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupts the routine and certainties of a substantial part of the world’s population. The need to work together across borders, sectors and sharing ideas and resources to build humane and sustainable futures is more apparent than ever.

Many students and recent graduates find themselves in a position where their studies are interrupted, the job market is on hold. By launching an invitation for contributions to The Future Project’s work, addressed exclusively to you, we want to help you turn this challenging situation into an opportunity.

This invitation aims to create a platform for pooling knowledge and expertise whilst enabling students and recent graduates to actively contribute to the discussions, profile their work and showcase their expertise.


The Futures Project partners with the UN75 initiative to contribute to a global dialogue on the future

 2nd March 2020

The Futures Project is proud to announce its partnership with the UN75 initiative of the United Nations. To mark its 75th anniversary in 2020, the United Nations has  launched the first major global conversation on the role of global cooperation in building the futures we want, an initiative entirely in line with the Futures Project’s vision. Through these conversations, the UN aims to build a global vision of 2045, by connecting people, amplifying voices and inspiring action.  

As UN75 Global Conversation Partner, The Futures Project aims to contribute to the initiative by bringing together the most diverse groups of people to talk about the future, develop on shared visions and identify next steps to reach them. The outcomes, views and ideas will shared with world leaders and senior UN officials. In particular, The Futures Project will be hosting intergenerational dialogues to inspire action and reflection about the future/s. 

In March 2020, The Futures Project will launch its first major initiative in the context of its partnership with the UN75:  the open global open call “Innovators for the Future. The call will seek to identify  innovation  projects  and initiatives  that  are  making  positive and substantial  impacts  on communities and their futures,  thus contributing to the  realization  of  the vision of the UN 2030 Agenda. The “Innovators for the Future”  initiative aims to  contribute to the UN75 dialogue by  bringing together  global reflection  and action  in this crucial area of positive impact. After their launch in 2020, the “Innovators for the Future” will evolve to become a flagship activity of The Futures Project. 

We will share more information on the call for “innovators for the Future” and our other activities as UN75 Global Conversation Partner very shortly. 


Inaugural Meeting of The Futures Project Global Advisory Board

 29th January 2020

On January 27th and 28th, 2020, the Futures Project Global Advisory Board convened in Berlin for its inaugural meeting. In attendance were Advisory Board Members from Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America, with representatives from South America and Australia joining by video conference. The group brought insights and perspectives from diverse professional and civic backgrounds in the public sector, business, academia, research, and civil society.

The multisector and international composition of the Advisory Board reflect two of the key values that underlie The Futures Project’s approach: to be boundary-spanning, in terms of both sector, geography, and other societal divides, and to highlight diversity and inclusivity, bringing a multitude of voices and perspectives to the table. Throughout the meeting, the Advisory Board returned to these values in its discussions about the growth, activities, and impact of the Futures Project.

The Board also had engaging discussions with special guest Sophie Pilgrim of the United Nations Office of the Special Adviser for the Secretary-General on Digital Cooperation and the UN75 initiative, and The Futures Project is proud to be a partner for the UN75 Global Conversation Project.

The Futures Project Team is now busily carrying forward the action plans that resulted from the Advisory Board meeting. We will soon be announcing our first projects, which will include many opportunities for collaboration and hands-on engagement. We are grateful to our Advisory Board for their thoughtful input and constructive criticism, and we look forward to continuing to build The Futures Project.

picture credits: Eyal Philip Peleg