The Futures Project Volunteers

Our work on the Call for Innovators for the Future is supported by a group of wonderful volunteers. They come from diverse professional backgrounds and countries and each contribute their own experience and perspective to our work.

We are still welcoming new additions to our project team. Find more information on how to apply here.

Durva Bose

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… supports The Futures Project as part of the Communications team. She is a writer and photographer for a sustainable fashion media platform in Southeast Asia. Durva advocates social and sustainable innovation to be the foundation to any future society. She aims to further research the economic, social and environmental impacts of sustainable design, fashion and media. Durva is based in Singapore. 

Caroline Canihan

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… holds a History degree from King’s College London, and focuses on drawing relevant lessons from global anti-colonial movements. She has worked for an animal welfare charity and advocates for environmental protection, ethical tourism and adopting more sustainable practices. As a volunteer, Caroline looks forward to supporting projects that facilitate tangible social and environmental change in creative ways. She is currently based in Granada, Spain.

Pierre-Eloi Coste

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… tries to embrace the complexities of multidimensional project management, from construction to scientific research. He adopts a contextual and holistic approach within his works while envisioning a more sustainable future that fuses the global and local dynamics. As a volunteer, he wishes to deepen his knowledge on current global issues. He is finishing his Masters in Architecture in France and aims to pursue a PhD soon after. Pierre-Eloi is based in Lyon, France.

Frances Doebelt

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… has a background in Human Resources and Recruiting and 6 years of experience of working in corporate enterprises. Frances holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from TU Dresden.
She has a strong interest in mentoring and coaching and is currently pursuing an extra-occupational training to become a personal and business coach in the future. Apart from that she is passionate about diversity and inclusiveness topics. Frances is based in Berlin, Germany.

Naomi Milstein

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 has a background in Urban Management (Project Management and Urban Development) and has experience working with Urban Development topics including sustainable transportation and urban financing. She currently works in Project Management for a large multinational firm. She holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Management from the Technical University of Berlin and a Bachelor’s in International Relations from the College of Wooster in Ohio, USA. She is based in Berlin, Germany.  

Joy Priya

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… has a legal background focused on the arbitration of foreign direct investment disputes, and has experience  working in foreign drect investment attraction and economic development strategy formulation for clients from Asia, the Middle East, Western Europe and North America. She is interested in crafting sustainable economic development strategies geared towards the needs of specific communities, as well as the role of urban environments in promoting economic inclusion, entrepreneurship and competitiveness. Joy is currently a Manager at Conway Inc and has a Bachelor of Laws from the National University of Singapore and a Master of Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. She is based in Berlin, Germany.

Tarunikaa Ravi

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… is a Law Graduate (LLB, Hons, Upper Second Class) from Middlesex University London. She will be taking her Legal Practice Course in the UK soon. Tarunikaa is a Singaporean. She moved to Dubai in 2017 and subsequently moved to London during her final year of university. She is enthusiastic about corporate, commercial, employment, arbitration and dispute resolution areas in law. She is interested in supporting causes that contribute towards systemic and sustainable change such as pro bono work, universal healthcare and education. She is currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Kristin Sperling

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… brings excellent organizational and collaborative skills to the table, with more than six years of work experience in project management in the creative media industry. She is a digital thinker who is comfortable working in agile environments and believes firmly in the transformative power of human-centric design. Kristin is a facilitator by heart, she loves to improve process flows and streamline projects in order to enable sustainable and value-oriented shifts in society.
Kristin holds a B.A. in Sociology and an M.A. in Gender Studies from Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany.