The Futures Project Team


Our activities are carried out by a growing team of ambitious and impact-focused individuals convinced of the necessity to bring together thinking and doing, reflection and action. True to the TFP approach, we combine a wide set of perspectives, sectors, backgrounds and experiences. TFP is also supported by a wonderful team of international volunteers and works together with a global advisory board.

Dr Julia Stamm
Founder & CEO

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… founded The Futures Project as non-profit company in autumn 2019. Julia has long-standing leadership and management experience in national and international academic institutions and international organisations, such as COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) and the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation. In 2017, Julia managed the G20 Think Tank Summit Global Solutions.
Julia is an Adjunct Senior Fellow in the Centre for Policy Futures at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Furthermore, she is a member of the Advisory Board of Deutsches Museum Nuremberg, the first museum for the future, to be opened in late 2020.


Bhavna Gupta
Programme Manager

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… joined The Futures Project in April 2020. She has a strong background in social entrepreneurship and extensive industry experience.
Bhavna is co-founder of PractiDesk Solutions – a social enterprise working in women sanitation and economic independence in India. Prior to this, she worked with Siemens Industry Software, where she led the concept-to-execution of a new value chain for a major technical skill development initiative. Before joining Siemens, Bhavna worked with Capco, a global technology consulting company
Bhavna holds a B.A. in economics from Delhi University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration majoring in Finance & International business. She is based out of Munich, Germany.


Jenny Shirar
Project Assistant

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… joined The Futures Project in December 2019. She has a background in social entrepreneurship, having founded and directed a small community arts enterprise, and has prior experience as a non-profit programme manager. Jenny holds a B.A. in psychology from Washington University in St. Louis/US. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Policy at the Hertie School



Rachel Gutierrez
Project Manager

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… joined The Futures Project in April 2020. She has six years of professional experience in global health and project management, having worked on the USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project in Washington, DC and with Global Brigades Ghana, a health and sustainable development NGO. Rachel holds a B.A. in Political Science from Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles/US and a Masters in Public Policy from the Hertie School in Berlin.


Natalia Mejia Pardo
Project Assistant

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… joined The Futures Project in May 2020. She has previous experience in public finances, formulation, and evaluation of investment projects, having worked in the National Planning Department in Colombia. Her interests lie in peacebuilding and the relationship between inequality and education policy. Natalia holds a B.A in Political Science and Government from Rosario University in Bogota. Currently, she is in her second year of the Masters in Public Policy at the Hertie School.


Katrin Hermann
Project Assistant

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…joined The Futures Project in September 2020. Katrin holds a degree in European Studies from Maastricht University. She has experience in sales research, marketing and PR. Her areas of interest include the intersection of international development and education, with an emphasis on the empowerment of women and girls. She is currently pursuing a Master of International Affairs.



The Futures Project Volunteers

Our work on the Call for Innovators for the Future is supported by a group of wonderful volunteers. They come from diverse professional backgrounds and countries and each contribute their own experience and perspective to our work.

Caroline Canihan

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… holds a History degree from King’s College London, and focuses on drawing relevant lessons from global anti-colonial movements. She has worked for an animal welfare charity and advocates for environmental protection, ethical tourism and adopting more sustainable practices. As a volunteer, Caroline looks forward to supporting projects that facilitate tangible social and environmental change in creative ways. She is currently based in Granada, Spain.

Thamires Herzing

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…is a passionate Brazilian Teacher with almost 10 years of experience in the Educational area. During college she worked as a Director of Communication in an international student organization and was engaged in local educational projects. She took a break from her Social Sciences Bachelor degree to travel around the world and work in different community development projects in Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Currently living in Germany with her family, she returns to college this fall and explores her love of social engagement, education and international politics through volunteering, research, activism and writing.

Paul Jäger

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…has a multi-lingual background in Media and politics and more than five years of experience in the field of journalism. He is interested in topics at the intersection of digitalization and society. Paul currently works as a video editor at the German press agency dpa and as an editor for the tv and YouTube show SHIFT of Germany’s international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle. Paul has a Bachelor’s Degree in European Studies from Maastricht University and holds a Double Master’s Degree in journalism from the St Petersburg State University and the Free University of Berlin. He is based in Berlin, Germany.

Esther Meyer

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…holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Studies and Human Rights, which she obtained at Utrecht University. During her studies, she conducted field-research in the MENA region and developed a strong interest in community resilience, peace-talks and local empowerment. As an intern at the Dutch peace-organisation PAX, she assists in creating new initiatives, like a local peace-building project in Jerusalem. 

Hélène Morales

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… is a highly motivated and multilingual individual with over 5 years of professional experience in project management and international cooperation  in sustainable development, culture and migrations. She currently works as an Associate Project Officer at UNESCO in the Culture Sector, supporting the work of the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture. Previously, she worked on cultural policy and funds for the Ile-de-France Région and the French Overseas Ministry. She holds a Master’s Degree in History, with a specialization in Latin America history and migration studies. She is based in between Paris and Strasbourg.

Nikita Rabheru

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…is currently interning at Boardroom Ready. Through this experience, she has found a keen interest in Digital Marketing and is looking to explore this area further. She has a BSc(hons) in Accounting and Finance from the University of Bath. She is based in London.