TFP Social Impact Accelerator

The Futures Project Social Impact Accelerator provides rigorous training and highly-individualised support to help innovators enhance and scale their projects for greater positive impact. This programme will equip participants with tools that help them refine their visions for the future and take more effective action to realise these visions through their innovations.

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The 2021 Programme

The 2021 programme will begin in March and entails a 4-month intensive-training period, including a 10 day in-person training period in Berlin. Participants will receive additional mentoring for a full year after the programme begins.

To all Innovators for the Future: The Futures Project’s Global Call for Innovators offers a chance to participate in their Social Impact Accelerator. This amazing programme helps you as social entrepreneurs and startups to position yourselves in the fast-growing impact space while creating and growing your project’s capacity to contribute to achieving the SDGs. At Knoweaux, we focus on “Time Traveling to the Future” to ensure that the futures we want are informed by the actions we take now. Besides making your innovative project future-ready, this programme offers access to experienced entrepreneurs and mentors, invaluable interaction with the TFP global network and bespoke in-person trainings. A highly recommended hands-on learning journey for your team to become an active part in creating “the futures we want”.

Amrei Andrasch

Managing Partner at KNOWEAUX Applied Futures GmbH, Expert for the TFP Call for Innovators

What’s Different 

What makes the TFP Social Impact Accelerator unique in supporting your project

Boundary-spanning, holistic approach

Unlike other social impact accelerators, The Futures Project programme takes a multidisciplinary, global approach. Participants will come from different world regions and will be working on very different initiatives. While receiving individualised support, participants will also exchange, and challenge one another, bringing fresh perspectives to each other’s projects.

This multidisciplinary approach reflects one of The Futures Project’s key values: in order to build the futures we want to see, we must work across sectors, fields, borders, and boundaries. While each participant in the Social Impact Accelerator is doing their own unique part, the programme will encourage participants to think of themselves as parts of a whole, building towards a better future together.

Bespoke support

Although the Social Impact Accelerator class will train and work together, the mentorship and support that each project receives will be custom-built for their needs. This bespoke approach is based on TFP’s belief that there is not just one right way to do things, and we welcome those who are breaking out of the box and building bridges across borders. With our global network of partners and supporters, we are committed to helping each project get the support they need to ground their innovation project in their own unique vision of the future.

Programme Content

Participants will receive training in techniques that help them ground their project in robust visions for the future; build collaborations with co-participants and supporters from different world regions and a variety of professional fields; and integrate non-traditional ways of thinking and working.

Through participation in this programme, Innovators will receive practical training and opportunities for collaboration that will launch their projects into the next phases of impact for the future. Participants can expect:

Training sessions

Along with its partners and collaborators, The Futures Project will provide training sessions catered to your project to improve your impact. 


The program will include individualised mentoring from The Futures Project and its partners and collaborators

Access to Funders

Participation in the TFP Accelerator will give access to a network of funders


The Accelerator will include direct interaction with TFP’s broad range of renowned partners and supporters, including business leaders, foundations, NGOs, and media partners

Please note: The projects chosen to participate in the Social Impact Accelerator through the Call for Innovators for the Future do not have to pay any enrolment fees for the Social Impact Accelerator. The Futures Project does not provide direct funding and will not take any financial stake in participating organizations. 

Interested in participating? 

If you have a project  and would like to participate in the TFP Social Impact Accelerator, apply to our Call for Innovators for the Future.