Re-Imagining Normal

Since the covid-19 crisis disrupted nearly every aspect of daily life in many parts of the world, many of us have wondered, “when will things go back to normal?” But just as we long for a return to “normal” (to health, work, school, gatherings with family and friends, recreation, and more), the covid-19 crisis has also brought to light things long accepted as normal that are actually quite overdue for change.

At the same time, with both the covid-19 crisis and social movements around the world, we have seen how things that seemed impossible even a few months ago have already come to fruition. Some of these positive changes were reactionary, brought on by conditions of extreme pressure. But what if we allow ourselves to believe that we can make the same types of bold change by choice and intentional action?

The Futures Project is all about bringing together reflection and action, and this moment requires both. Re-Imagining Normal opens conversations about the future we want to live in, inviting people to draw on their values, beliefs, experiences, and imaginations to envision what’s possible for a better future.
Our hope and our belief is that if we all take a moment to stop, think, and listen to one another, we stand a much better chance of building the futures we want, together.

In its first iteration, Re-Imagining Normal will open conversations with the group of Experts and Jurors who have committed to participate in the Futures Project’s Call for Innovators Initiative. Moving forward, we will open the conversation to many voices, building on the ideas collected to affect change for the future.