London, United Kingdom







inHive enables teachers and young leaders to
develop the skills and tools needed to establish effective networks
and connect and be inspired by past alumni.

The Project

inHive seeks to connect young school-age students with one
of their biggest resources: past alumni. This will be done through establishing effective
networks with teachers as well as students. Past students can play a key role in
shaping school-aged children’s motivations and aspirations. They can be supportive as
advisors to facilitate transitions into work, mentors to boost confidence, self-worth and
encourage students to stay in school, donors to increase school funds, and classroom tutors
and assistants.

InHive models are rooted in a belief that the communities facing challenges are the best
problem solvers, and the more that we can champion and strengthen a locally led approach
to recovery, resilience and rebuilding, the more sustainable those ideas will be long after
ideation. Their specific expertise and methodology are in alumni networks in low-resource

Their Vision for the Future

inHive is working towards a future where a young
person’s life is no longer determined merely by their parents’
economic and social status. These alumni networks will enable
students to build a better future for themselves, as they can both
relate and look up to the former students.