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Current Initiatives

At the heart of The Futures Project’s approach to realising visions for a better future is a holistic cycle of reflection and action, one that combines innovation ideas, on-the-ground work, and inclusive dialogue about building the shared futures we want to see. The COVID-19 crisis brings the challenges of the world into stark relief, and we will continue to continue to serve as a facilitator of reflection and action that allows us, collectively, to build a healthy, inclusive, and peaceful future for everyone, starting now.

Call for Innovators for the Future

As the world lives through a crisis unprecedented in recent history, we launch our first Global Open Call to Action for Innovators for the Future. We are looking for innovative community projects that address the urgency of this moment, while looking ahead to the future. Giving a platform to the most innovative and promising projects and organising a Social Impact Accelerator for a selected few, we hope to contribute to shaping our futures. More information is available on the Innovators for the Future website.

Call for Student Contributions

The COVID19 crisis has left a lot of students in recent graduates in an uncertain situation. In order to recognise their expertise, the Futures Project has launched a Call for Student Contributions. We aim to provide a platform for innovative ideas for our futures, crossing the boundaries of professions and generations. The student contributions and op-eds posted in our Futures Inspiration section are among the initiatives that we launch to achieve this aim. 

Flagship Conference

On December 7-8, 2020, we plan to hold the Futures Project first annual Flagship Conference in Munich, Germany*. This will be an opportunity for thinkers, doers, funders, and enablers from around the world to come together to build connections, learn, and work together. Please visit our Flagship Conference page to learn more.

*Note: we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, exploring alternative options, and planning accordingly for the conference.

Contribution to the UN75 Global Conversation

In 2020, the United Nations celebrates its 75th birthday, and The Futures Project is proud to contribute to its UN75 initiative. The UN75 initiative invites the world to reflect about the futures we want to build and how we, collectively, can get there. These questions are more important than ever and have always been at the heart of The Futures Project’s work.