Letter from the Founder

Welcome. Thank you for your interest in The Futures Project. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you the work we are doing—work I believe strongly in and invite you to join.

I founded The Futures Project as a nonprofit entity in 2019 after many years of working at various intersections of science, research, technology, and policy. Throughout my work, I encountered brilliant research, exciting ideas about new technologies, and plenty of people who were passionate about changing the world for the better. However, I found that these rarely came together in a holistic way.

Technologies with no apparent connection to the well-being of people and planet were being celebrated as solutions. Ideas formed in academia were developed in isolation and did not make their way to communities who could really put them into action. Innovation and impact have become buzzwords but have lost their meaning. Too often, I felt that we did not connect the dots. Too often, I felt we lost sight of the big picture and were missing opportunities to make real change.

To tackle the global and societal challenges we face, I argue that we first need to come together across borders, boundaries, and sectors, including all voices, to envision the futures we want to see. We need to think of technology and innovation as means to the ends rather than as solutions in and of themselves. We need to thoughtfully design and create solutions that put empowerment, healthy societies, and life of people and planet at the center.

These ideas can and should thrive in a broad variety of organizations, initiatives, and communities of all kinds, but I believe they are so central to building a resilient future that they deserve their own home. This is what I want The Futures Project to be. The Futures Project is committed to advancing and supporting a thoughtful, inclusive, and holistic approach toward imagining the futures we want to see and doing the innovative work we need to realise them.

The Futures Project is built to grow and adapt across time and place, and to work across disciplines, generations, borders, and sectors. Building the futures we, collectively around the globe, want to see, requires us to reflect on what is important, on what we value. It requires us to re-think, re-imagine, re-define, and find new ways to act and work together. This work is, by necessity, dynamic and responsive, urgent and long-term. We believe that we all have a role to play in building a better future, and this commitment is at the heart of our work.

We invite you to join us on this path.

Julia Stamm, 
Founder & CEO of The Futures Project