Flagship conference

8-9 December 2020

The conference has been moved online

At the heart of The Futures Project’s approach to realising visions for a better future is a holistic cycle of reflection and action. With the goal of inspiring people from all sectors and all parts of the world to reflect on the futures they would like to see and work together to co-create the plans that make these futures possible, the Futures Project Conference will bring this cycle of reflection and action to life.

The Conference will bring together stakeholders from all sectors – business, academia, civil society, politics, finance, media, etc.—to learn about innovative projects that are contributing to solving current challenges and building a resilient future, facilitating collaborations that enable projects to grow and new ideas to take root.

Given the current situation, both in terms of public health concerns and travel restrictions, we have decided to move our conference into an online format. Our outlook and our network are global in nature and our featured Innovators for the Future come from all across the world. The most responsible way to bring all of these together in December, is through connecting virtually.

We believe it to be a wonderful opportunity to connect across continents and reflect on the futures we would like to see, after this pandemic and beyond. In our digital space, we will introduce you to the Top 15 of our Global Call to Action for Innovators for the Future and our jury will select the best projects to participate in our social impact accelerator. Their pitches and selection will be supplemented by keynote speakers and workshops from some of our partners and guests.

More information coming soon.

Please contact us at contact@futures-project.org if you’d like to learn more about being a partner or supporter of the Conference.