Call for Innovators for the Future

2020 Semi-Finalists

After assessing hundreds of applications with the help of our team of Experts, The Futures Project is proud to present this year’s Semi-Finalists for the Call for Innovators of the Future! These projects, whose future visions are presented as a contribution the UN75, will also be considered by the Jury of Leaders, which will select up to 15 Finalists.

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Digital Solutions
Climate & Environment
Waste & Sanitation
Skills & Employment
Food & Water
Society & Community
Female Empowerment
Access & Inclusion
A Water Kiosk at School
Nairobi, Kenya
Through student-run kiosks, A Water Kiosk at School provides communities with clean water, develops students’ entrepreneurial skills, and supports schools.
Aeloi Technologies

Kathmandu, Nepal
Aeloi Technologies has built an inclusive platform using digital tokens to provide affordable financing to informal sector microentrepreneurs.
AGRICOLLEGES International
Tzaneen, South Africa
AGRICOLLEGES international is a modern cloud-based e-learning institution using world-class technology as a platform to address the need for agricultural education in Africa and beyond.
Anna Nackt

Berlin, Germany
Anna Nackt builds communities and technological solutions that enable a future where the internet is a safe space for all.

Berlin, Germany
Anywhere.Africa takes the existing infrastructure of Africa, such as paths, tracks and broken roads, and makes off-road electric cargo bikes to deliver goods and services.
Beyond the Surface: Coast 2 Coast
San Diego, USA
Coast 2 Coast offers storytelling training for vulnerable and small-scale fishing communities to share their perspectives with the world.
BioPlaster Research

Mexico City, Mexico
BioPlaster Research has developed a biodegradable biopolymer which aims to tackle the issue of plastic pollution and ecosystem deterioration exacerbated by sargassum massive blooms in coastal environments.
Bountifield International
Minnesota, USA
Bountifield International: Postharvest Technology is contributing to food and sustainable growth in Africa by unlocking smallholder farmers’ access to post-harvest technology.
Build Up Nepal Engineering
Katmandu, Nepal
Build up Nepal Engineering empowers rural entrepreneurs and communities to build safe, affordable homes and resilient incomes.

Bangalore, India
CENTA is making teaching aspirational: they assess and certify teacher competencies, connect teachers to career opportunities and support their professional development.

Moscow, Russia
CLEAPL makes 100% biodegradable straws and cups with all the properties of plastic, but a carbon footprint that is reduced by 12 times.
ClUrb: H.A.R.D.

Berlin, Germany
ClUrb’s H.A.R.D. strategy allows communities to deploy a digital system that streamlines information between citizens and institutions to respond and recover from crises.

Uragon, India
The DigiLab brings the power of digital technology to improve access to learning, even in areas that are remote, inaccessible and truly off-grid.

Arusha, Tanzania
Dundiza is a digital wallet money management platform that allows people to improve their financial planning, automate their savings and get high investment opportunities in a sustainable manner.
Solar Cook Stove
Ecobora equips rural, marginalized schools with solar-powered cook stoves that eliminate the use of expensive, polluting firewood.
Ecoplastile Limited

Kampala, Uganda
EcoPlastile works with women and youth to sustainably transform and recycle plastic garbage and packaging into plastic timbers that can substitute wood.

Accra, Ghana
Ecovon is developing sustainably sourced, newly engineered wood made from coconut husk and sugar cane bagasse, supplying the global market with a formaldehyde-free bio-based wood alternative.
Embrace Lifeline

Beirut, Lebanon
Embrace is an emotional support and suicide helpline in Lebanon, providing psychological first aid, suicide risk assessment and orientation.

Kano, Nigeria
eTrash2Cash helps low-income Nigerians to exchange their trash to cash, while creating awareness around sustainable environment and climate change. 

Mumbai, Inida
ftcash is one of India’s fastest growing financial technology ventures which aims to empower micro-merchants and small businesses through financial inclusion using digital payments and loans.
Fly Girl Green Menstruation
Obiaruku, Nigeria
Green Menstruation distributions eco-friendly sanitary kits and menstrual hygiene information, ensuring vulnerable communities have access to sustainable, cost-effective menstrual products.
Greenfluidics: Intelligent Solar Biopanel
Toluca, Mexico
The Intelligent Solar Biopanel uses nanotechnology to generate clean energy that is transformed into electricity and microalgae to absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to transform it into oxygen.
Hya Bioplastics

Kampala, Uganda
Hya-bioplastics is replacing existing petroleum-derived disposable packaging with biodegradable ones using the invasive water hyacinth as a material.
Indic AI

Gurgaon, India
Indic AI Foundation focus is on solving challenges that prevent financial and educational mainstreaming of people with disability.

London, United Kingdom
inHive enables teachers and young leaders to develop the skills and tools needed to establish effective networks and connect and be inspired by past alumni.

Düsseldorf, Germany
Kerith is building a cloud-based tool that uses algorithms to optimize the location and construction of components of energy systems. 

The Machbarschaft hotline and app connect the elderly and people without internet access with neighbours to keep vulnerable groups safe.
MAX Mobility & Agro

Lagos, Nigeria
MAX provides technology and financing infrastructure for motorcycle-taxis in West Africa.
Mundo Posible Association
The Mundo Posible Association brings an offline digital library to marginalised communities to facilitate homeschooling, teacher training, and information exchange.
NaFarm Foods

Kaduna, Nigeria
NaFarm foods is reducing food waste by mobilizing, training, and providing technical support to cottage processors. NaFarm Foods is also improving social and digital inclusion in the food supply chain through their platform.
Nappi Naapuri

Helsinki, Finland
A neighborhood social platform, "Nappi Naapuri" is designed to promote neighbourly help, and to encourage people to find friends close by.

New Delhi, India
Nostos provides a “shelter kit” for people displaced from their homes, restoring personal security, self-sufficiency, and dignity in times of crisis.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
NovFeed produces sustainable fish feed to ensure fish are an affordable, accessible, and healthy food source for rural families.
Ocean Guardians Coral Reef Club Project
Inhambane, Mozambique
Ocean Guardians is raising a generation of youth who understand and cherish the ocean by providing marine conservation and gender equality education.

Berlin, Germany
ODE Systems' app is a platform where individuals can undertake decisions with a supplementary support infrastructure that acts as a "teacher/coach" and helps users make a well-thought-out decision.
Reap Benefit Foundation
Bangalore, India
The Reap Benefit Foundation is a citizen participation and leadership platform that mentors youth towards tackling local issues, combining technology, people and government.
Refood Movement

Lisbon, Portugal
The Refood Movement organizes communities to prevent food waste, providing ‘the human bridge between excess and need’.
Ritma Green: Sustainable Coffee Agribusiness
Makassar, Indonesia
Ritma Green promotes smallholder coffee farmers´ resilience to climate change and pandemic and sustainable coffee production.

Hawaii, USA
RIZOME is pioneering climate-positive bamboo engineered lumber, which is one of the most scalable technologies for carbon drawdown on earth.
SAI’s Triple Bottom Up Approach Agroforestry
Mumbai, India
SAI’s model lifts tribal farmers out of poverty: transforming their degraded lands by intercropping of traditional crops with valuable plantation.
Salaam Bombay Foundation: Vocational Skills for Youth
Mumbai, India
Salaam Bombay Foundation's Vocational Skills for Youth bridges the digital divide, bringing opportunities to at-risk adolescents through their model of ‘anywhere, anytime’ experiential skills development.

Lagos, Nigeria
SALUBATA makes modular shoes from plastic waste and algal bloom, enabling wearers to change out different shoe styles with the same sole, thus reducing the global carbon footprint and cost of wearing an extra shoe.
SEED Foundation: A Library for Every Child
Toronto, Canada
Building a system of digital libraries, SEED Foundation ensures accessible and interactive books to the most underprivileged schools in Iran.
Sehat Kahani

Karachi, Pakistan
Through their mobile application and helpline, Sehat Kahani delivers accessible remote health services while empowering female healthcare professionals.

Malang, Indonesia is a crowdfunding platform for healthcare assistance in Indonesia. Using a digital approach, social media, and the power of volunteerism, it helps people access healthcare.

SmartFarms is a locally-developed smart farming system that will allow farmers to have easy access to farm data.
soap & precede

Hamburg, Germany
soap & precede is a low packaging, environmentally friendly personal care product that is still the liquid product that customers love.
Suryoday Trust: Digitalization of Special Children's Education
Mumbai, India
Through this project, Suryoday Trust has applied technology to automate the evaluation tracking of children with special needs, thereby increasing transparency and improving student experiences.
Susthira Bhavanam Foundation: Sustainable Habitat Systems
Kerala, India
Susthira Bhavanam Sustainable Habitats projects creates dwelling units using locally available, eco-friendly materials and technologies, improving self-sufficiency for water, energy, food and environmental hygiene.
The Digital Aid Project

Zurich, Switzerland
The DAP Toolset, comprised of the Aid Toolkit and the Digital Health Chart, provides support to patients and healthcare providers worldwide by helping them adopt effective safety strategies and digital health solutions.
The Inga Foundation: Land for Life
Cornwall, UK
The Inga Foundation implements alley-cropping, an alternative to the slash-and-burn agriculture. It provides food security for farmers while also protecting the environment.
The Pink Shuttle

Kabul, Afghanistan
As the first women-only transportation service in Afghanistan, the Pink Shuttle fosters women's independence, economic and social autonomy.

Paynesville, Liberia
TRIBE is an education social enterprise inspiring and empowering a new generation of purpose-driven young entrepreneurs and innovators.
Tule Vyema

Nairobi, Kenya
Tule Vyema educates the community through holding nutrition health talks and ensures food security through training young unemployed women to cultivate indigenous vegetables on vertical farms.
Visual Voices

Nicosia, Cyprus
Visual Voices supports young visual artists affected by violent conflict through peace education, mentoring, and global platforms for artistic expression.
Wasser 3.0 PE-X

Karlsruhe, Germany
Wasser 3.0 GmbH is counteracting global water pollution by micro pollutants with solution-oriented research and innovation. Its Wasser 3.0 PE-X® initiative removes microplastics from water sustainably and efficiently.

Marseille, France
Wetopia is co-creating more resilient cities from the bottom-up, bringing policy-makers, civil society, and citizens together to collaboratively make better, more inclusive cities.

Berlin, Germany
Wisenergy offers the possibility for everyone to easily recharge their electronic devices using solar energy from home.
Women Leaders for Planetary Health
Potsdam, Germany
WLPH is a network, knowledge and advocacy hub that empowers women from the Global South to lead Planetary Health solutions.