Our Approach

The Futures Project exists at the centre of a cycle of reflection and action, bringing people from all sectors and all backgrounds together in a continuous feedback loop of thinking and doing. The underlying goal of our work is to make progress towards the UN Agenda 2030, especially in the areas of Empowerment, Life, and Society. The role of the Futures Project is to ensure that reflection and action occur in unison, with values and the real needs and wants of people and planet driving innovation.

In this loop, people from all over the world and all disciplines work together to UNDERSTAND our world and the problems we face; ENVISION the futures we would like to see; CREATE innovative solutions and resources that help us realise these visions; and PROPOGATE these solutions by making them widely available, opening the door for new ideas and new voices to enter the cycle.

These four building blocks—understand, envision, create, and propagate—form the foundation of our work:

  • Through a combination of expert research and input from citizens from all over the world, gather information about the problems we’re facing and the solutions that are already out there.
  • Apply standards to understand what makes innovation ‘good’
  • Generate the tools, methodologies, stories and insights needed to support communities and organizations in their discussions about the futures.
  • Promote and facilitate projects implementing the TFP approach by building a network that connects thinkers and doers, identifies what innovators need to keep working toward the UN2030 Vision, and co-create solutions
  • Lead globe-spanning dialogues on the futures we want, bringing people from all countries and all sectors together
  • Make the outcomes of these discussions available to support concrete future actions
  • Pioneer the TFP approach to values-based futures-thinking, innovation and technology
  • Establish standards in active cross-sector collaboration
  • Train future leaders
  • Impact government action

Picture credits: Deepti Zachariah