Become a TFP Contributor! Invitation for submissions for Students & Recent Graduates


The Futures Project is excited to share its invitation for contributions to students and recent graduates around the world, who, despite the unprecedented global crisis, want to contribute to discussions on the future(s) for humankind and the planet

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupts the routines and certainties of a substantial part of the world’s population. The need to work together across borders, sectors and sharing ideas and resources to build humane and sustainable futures is more apparent than ever. Many students and recent graduates find themselves in a position where their studies are interrupted, the job market is on hold. By launching an invitation for contributions to The Future Project’s work, addressed exclusively to you, we want to help you turn this challenging situation into an opportunity.

Thinking about the future and actively shaping it has always been important. Now, it has become a necessity. Through this invitation, we hope to provide a platform for pooling knowledge and expertise to help society as a whole. 

TFP is seeking student contributions.

Articles, op-eds, blog posts, or short videos that are related to one of our focus areas: empowerment, life, and society.

Help build a better future.

Share your ideas, thoughts, and expertise as a way to help society during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.


Get your work published.

We’ll share selected contributions via our platforms and with our global partners.

Send submissions to

We’ll review submissions on a rolling basis.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for volunteer contributors – students, recent graduates with expertise, knowledge, and opinions on the topics at the heart of The Futures Project: Empowerment, Lifeand Society. Of course, this includes cross-cutting topics such as innovation, technology & society, or impact. Contributions would be in the forms of articles, Op-eds, podcasts or videos (see below). 

Some examples of previous contributions can be found on our Futures Inspiration page.


What’s in it for you? 

At The Futures Project, we are positioning ourselves as a go-to resource for those who wish to work on the topics covered under the Futures Project. Our volunteer contributors will not only help us further our mission of pioneering our new way of thinking and contributing to realising the UN Agenda 2030 vision, but will also have their work published on a platform that has a wide reach.  

Our invitation is a fantastic opportunity for you to exhibit the work and research you have been carrying out at university, as well as your thoughts on current and future challenges, to build track records to showcase to your future employers. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a way to help during this moment of global need, this is an opportunity to contribute your knowledge and ideas. 

If relevant, and if you’re interested, we will share your contributions with our global network (companies, foundations, media, etc.). We will facilitate the link with one of these organizations, if you wish to be approached by them. 


  • Recommended length for submissions is between 700 to 1,200 words, demonstrating knowledge of a particular issue (linked to TFP’s three pillars) or research focus. However, these are meant as recommendations, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss any alternative.  Contributions in other formats (podcasts, interviews, videos) are also welcomed. 
  • The pieces are to be written in English (American or British), references should be made directly in the piece via hyperlink (it is possible to expand with footnotes if necessary).

  • An accompanying illustration or video should be provided. 
  • The Futures Project retains final say on any changes to the articles to be published.  

How can you participate?

If you’re interested, get in touch with us to send us a short pitch of your idea. The contribution should be in the forms of a blog post, article, Op-ed, a research paper, podcast, or videoThe contributions should relate to one or more the following three pillars of The Futures Project, and should generally connect to the idea of thinking about our future(s): (the list of subjects is not exhaustive and meant only to give you some pointers.) 

  • Empowerment (e.g. education, gender equality, future of work, finance) 
  • Life (e.g. health, biodiversity, food, energy, sustainable cities) 
  • Society (e.g. governance, social cohesion, peace) 

The Futures Project accepts articles on a rolling basis. Contributions are welcome from students and alumni from any university.  

All selected contributions will go through proofreading by TFP staff and its partners. Of course, you will retain ownership of your work, which means you are free to publish it on any other platform. 

Connecting like-minded contributors  

In addition to the invitation for contributions, we are also exploring the idea of connecting students and recent graduates interested to work on each of the TFP’s three pillarsAs we are looking for this workstream to evolve, we will also explore the possibility to involve participants with our events and initiatives, should they be interested.   


We’d love to hear from you! If you have any question, if you have an idea about a submission or if your article is ready to go, email us at 

Photo by NEC Corporation of America with Creative Commons license